Comment: 6 ways to impress post-pandemic hotel guests

Comment: 6 ways to impress post-pandemic hotel guests

From ‘Jamu’ medicine-making to e-bike rides, Aman’s new activities appeal to today’s traveller, says regional director Jann Hess

Following a long travel hiatus, we’re thrilled to see  the country’s borders  reopening to international travel, and so pleased to be able to welcome back guests and invite new visitors to uncover Indonesia, from the captivating coastline of Amankila to the Eden-like retreat of Aman Villas at Nusa Dua.

Indonesia’s spiritual atmosphere, dramatic landscapes and renowned community ethos have served as the inspiration for Aman’s five destinations across the Sri Lanka, each of which tells its own unique story.

Aman Villas at Nusa Dua

1. Meaning and Culture
As we emerge from the pandemic, we find our guests seeking meaningful travel experiences. There’s a strong desire to deeply explore the culture of our island nation, learning from its traditions, engaging in its ceremonies, immersing in its beautiful nature.

2. Privacy
We also continue to see some guests wanting to privatise their entire travel experience, from dining in the comfort of their room or suite, to opting for a private villa or arranging their Aman experiences on a private basis. We are lucky-enough to be able to offer all of these things at our resorts, but are trying to take it one step further, finding new ways for guests to experience our incredible destinations in utmost comfort.


3. Spirituality
During this time, we have expanded our experiences to include activities that promote mental and physical wellbeing, including a Tolak Balak spiritual purification ritual, which is one of several ancestral protection and purification practises in Java, performed by a Javanese priest at Amanjiwo.

4. Alternative Medicine
We also introduced a traditional Javanese ‘Jamu’ medicine-making course, in addition to cookery classes, river and rice paddy picnics and e-biking in the local village. We hope these activities encourage our guests to embrace their pathfinder spirit and create meaningful connections with our surrounding communities.

Yoga at Amanjiwo

5. Conscious Contributions
Our guests are also especially keen to positively impact the communities they visit. We are increasingly seeing heartfelt contributions offered to support the local environment and way of life through initiatives related to reforesting, waste management, alternative energy sources and water recycling.

6. Sustainable Travel
With sustainability a cornerstone of Aman’s philosophy, we’ve always focused on supporting the environment and the communities that are local to each of our destinations in Indonesia. This ethos has been especially important throughout the pandemic, and with the help of incredibly generous donations from hotel guests we have been able to continue supporting local causes.

For example, Amanjiwo strives to provide the Yayasan Badan Wakaf school with substantial support, working to supply general maintenance, a fully equipped library, scholarships and supplementary learning programmes. The resort has also been able to support the development of self-sustainable accommodation, which serves as a safe space for education, with access to water, sanitation and healthy food.

From crisis comes clarity, and this period has allowed us to reflect and go back to our roots, to our purpose and values, and refine what our destinations stand for, developing new experiences through which guests can rediscover Indonesia. Our generosity of space and efforts to slow down time have always been firmly ingrained in Aman’s DNA, from the design of standalone pavilions with private pools to the low room count and subtle service that now makes us a blueprint for the future of travel.   

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