Ponant to launch wellbeing cruises in 2022

Ponant to launch wellbeing cruises in 2022

The new cruise itinerary will include yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions

French cruise line Ponant has announced that it will launch its first series of wellbeing cruises in partnership with Tigre Yoga Club on 25 November 2022.

Founded in France by Elodie Garamon, the yoga brand partnering with Ponant will offer guests an opportunity to reconnect with their inner self while taking in Caribbean scenery on a nine-day cruise.

Le Dumont-d’Urville guests will be offered yoga and meditation sessions, wellbeing workshops and talks, mindful walks ashore, and consultations from naturopath and yoga teacher Leila Nasri.

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Speaking about the collaboration, Tigre Yoga Club founder Elodie Garamond said: “This cruise offers a proper break from the every-day, an opportunity to take an inner journey, one where peace of mind and calm hold sway. It will be an unforgettable experience for guests to explore and change their relationship with their bodies and emotions through yoga and wellbeing, be they enthusiasts or novices.”  

Elodie Garamond

Garamond added: “This inner voyage of body and mind, a path to developing perfect perception of the present moment, will offer physical and mental meditation, and respiration and postural yoga. We will not seek to empty but to fill ourselves with the energy elements around us, and manifestations of the body, mind, emotions and sensations. Like a guided conversation between our inner and outer selves, it will be an ongoing exploration in “full awareness”, on a cruise where people will also enjoy the wonderful service and elegant cuisine that are hallmarks of the Ponant experience.”


Guests can also opt to book an extra yoga package for the duration of the cruise. This includes two yoga and meditation classes, as well as one wellbeing session per day, run in small groups by Elodie Garamond and Leila Nasri. The sessions include face yoga, breathing exercises and workouts to release tension. Where possible, sessions will be held on the beach.

The nine-day/eight- night Pearls of the Caribbean cruise will set sail from Fort de France on Le Dumont-d’Urville on 25 November 2022, returning on 3 December 2022. Prices start from €3,450 per passenger.For more information, visit

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