Rainforest Cruises records 60% increase in winter bookings

Rainforest Cruises records 60% increase in winter bookings

More holidaymakers are opting for cruise packages later in the year amid airport travel chaos

  • Travel expert reveals a 60% increase in winter bookings this 2022 so far compared to previous years 

  • 40% of sales over the last 30 days were for winter bookings

  • 190% increase in searches for ‘Winter Holiday 2022’  between March and July, according to Google Trends

Rainforest Cruises has seen a rise for demand for winter cruises after travellers around the world have been left frustrated by recent airport chaos caused by staff shortages and flight cancellations during summer 2022.

For example, on a single day – 11 July – more than 10,000 flight delays were recorded worldwide. Meanwhile, as many as 79% of travellers who have taken a long-haul trip this year reported having at least one travel-related issue.

Flight disruptions are set to continue into Autumn with a recent announcement from major travel hub London Heathrow airport stating that it will restrict outbound passengers to 100,000 a day until the 11 September 2022.

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Rainforest Cruises founder Jeremy Clubb said: “We’ve seen a 60% increase in winter bookings this year. In the last 30 days, bookings for this winter alone accounted for 40% of our total sales, compared to accounting for an average of 25% historically for the same time period.

 “This could be a reflection of the current climate, with many travellers opting for the safer bet of travelling during the winter months when travel demand may be more likely to be met.”

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