Comment: Bagus Paramarta on halal food, private pools and other hooks for GCC tourists

Comment: Bagus Paramarta on halal food, private pools and other hooks for GCC tourists

The newly-appointed GM of The Residence Zanzibar outlines initiatives to attract and retain the vital GCC source market

After all the challenges and uncertainty, I’m very glad to see the Middle East market coming back strong and we have recorded increased demand and growth (up to 5%) from the region. We have categorised the market as luxury travellers and continuously review how to cater to their needs, and we understand the importance of catering to cultural sensitivities. 

 The Residence Zanzibar

Halal Cuisine and Private Pools
We’ve been ensuring that our food supply is 100% halal-certified and work exclusively with suppliers that deliver the best quality food, dry goods and vegetables, which can be a challenge sometimes.

We have dedicated Muslim chefs available upon request to cater to our guests’ needs

We’re also happy to share that The Residence Zanzibar is the only resort in Zanzibar to have private villas with private pools. Guests in private villas can enjoy time with their families and swim with peace of mind.

Increased Privacy Through Renovation
Last year, we carried out an extensive renovation aimed at improving the privacy of every villa by adding thousands of new local Zanzibar palm trees to surround the villas with dense vegetation. We also happily add temporary privacy fencing whenever it’s required.

Our spa compound is also designed with private suites for massage and gender-specific therapists and a separate gender sauna and steam facility. 


Ramadan Hospitality
For the upcoming month of Ramadan, we will also provide a tailor-made programme to accommodate Suhour (pre-dawn) and Iftar (sunset) requests for guests.

 Zanzibar, with its great flight connectivity, with carriers including Flydubai, Emirates and others, has become a major destination for travellers.

Zanzibar is just a five-hour direct flight from Dubai and a very affordable beach destination

Partner with Dnata
In order to strengthen ties with our regional travel partners,  The Residence Zanzibar has partnered with Dnata to spread its footprint in the Middle East market, especially in UAE due to the business opportunities that UAE offers.

Dnata is a renowned company and is ideally situated to offer luxury holidays to nationals and expats living in UAE and neighbouring countries. This partnership offers us accessibility to reach out to corporate entities, governments and directly to our guests.

For more information, visit www.cenizaro.com/theresidence/zanzibar

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