Comment: “Consumers trust other consumers”

Comment: “Consumers trust other consumers”

Gili Lankanfushi GM Nicolas Khairallah on generating word-of-mouth recommendations

Due to Gili Lankanfushi’s excellent service and long-standing employees, innovative food and experiences, and sustainable practices, the hotel has won the 2022 Traveller’s Choice Best of the Best Award, resulting in it being in the top 1% of hotels worldwide.

More than 30% of our guests in 2021 had visited us before, and they also supported us with attracting future customers, whether through word of mouth or online reviews. It comes down to one simple fact: consumers trust other consumers.

Here’s how to inspire guests to promote your resort.

Exemplary Employees
Consistent good quality service improves guest relations. Gratified guests are more likely to come back and be loyal to your hotel. They really are your true brand ambassadors.

The success of guest interactions is dependent on employees and how they adjust to every personality. We have a team of personal guest experience hosts at Gili Lankanfushi, known as Mr Fridays, who can accommodate every request whether day or night, rain or shine, but it’s the little things that matter most, such as paying attention to guest preferences when it comes to their preferred food and activities. 

Knowing special dates such as birthdays or anniversaries can help staff tailor guest’s stays and anticipate their needs ahead of time

Hotels that succeed are the ones that get employees to embody their culture. Employees at every level should embrace the concept of service excellence, and this clear direction and common goal has the power to give employees a sense of belonging.

With our community spirit, we have established ourselves as a place where you arrive as guests, leave as friends, and return as family.


Enhanced Experiences 
A main component for sustained success within the hospitality industry is to consistently deliver high-quality experiences. Some hotel brands look for short-term results focused on financials, but in the luxury industry, hotels will either succeed or fail based their ability to provide an excellent experience.

Hotels need to focus on developing their experiences by identifying and understanding the ever-evolving needs of travellers. For example, the importance of sustainable travel and the increasing popularity of veganism and conscious consumerism over the last five years has meant that restaurants have needed to change their menus.  

Gili Lankanfushi’s gastronomic vision has led our culinary team to sourcing local seafood and using a daily harvest from our organic garden to creative plant-based dishes.

Resorts around the world must take up the challenge to reinvent their menus to include wellness-based culinary offerings and be able to accommodate all types of diners.

In addition, as curators, we need to present a variety of new well-thought-out experiences, whether that’s through wellness sessions, excursions away from the hotel to showcase the destination itself, sustainability workshops, adventure sports or even culinary classes. 

Experience is what will make your establishment stand out from the rest.

For more information, visit www.gili-lankanfushi.com

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