Comment: Mary Pratt on how to create successful travel brand collaborations

Comment: Mary Pratt on how to create successful travel brand collaborations

The founder of The Caviar Spoon brand collaboration platform helps businesses grow through partnerships and collaborative marketing

The Caviar Spoon was born to help brands reach a wider audience by collaborating with other synergistic brands. Partnering with another brand doubles the strength and potential audiences of any marketing campaign. Here are some examples of winning travel collaborations to whet your appetite, and you can register your business at The Caviar Spoon to discover a whole world of brands that you could partner with.

Bottega Veneta X Great Wall Of China
I couldn’t make this list without mentioning this one. I really have to applaud the fabulous marketing minds at Bottega Veneta for kicking things up a notch in honour of Chinese New Year as they stage a takeover of the iconic Great Wall of China!

The installation features Bottega Veneta’s name, logo and signature green colour, as well as a tangerine colour that the brand chose because it is a symbol of good luck in China

Alongside the takeover, the brand is pledging a donation to the restoration of the Shanghai Pass, one of the major passes on the Great Wall of China.

They’re also running a fabulous Chinese New Year campaign dominated by the tangerine shade used in the installation. Within the online boutique, shoppers can find reinventions of iconic Veneta bags, from the Pouch and Shoulder Pouch to the Cassette and Arco, as well as men’s and women’s sneakers.

Kimpton Hotels X PacWesty
The Van To Glam collaboration between Kimpton Hotels and PacWesty is truly inspired! 

The partnership allows guests at the Kimpton Hotel in Seattle to explore the surrounding areas beyond the city in a retro PacWesty van. The van comes complete with camping gear and bike racks for visitors to truly get back to basics with nature and explore the Pacific North West region. 

We’re now fully immersed in ‘The Experience Age’, with consumers crying out for unique adventures, beyond just paying for a bed for the night. I love this collaboration because both brands have really understood this consumer need and have offered a unique experience, mixing the ‘rough and readiness’ of a camping trip with the luxury and pampering experience at the Kimpton.


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Indigenous Kokoda Adventures (IKA) X Local Coffee Growers
At The Caviar Spoon, we truly believe that in order to have an impact, a collaboration needs to be meaningful, and what could be more meaningful than collaborating for a good cause?

Indigenous Kokoda Adventures are a group in Papua New Guinea offering an authentic trekking experience while directly supporting the people, villages and communities along the Kokoda Track. 

The Kokoda Track was closed during the Covid-19 pandemic with no reopening date in sight so Indigenous Kokoda Adventures teamed up with the locals to provide a new way of boosting the economy outside of tourism, which is the main source of income for the area currently. 

Together, they’re building a coffee mill in the village of Kokoda that will use coffee beans from local farmers and employ local people in the mill

Once tourism reopens, the mill will be an itinerary stop incorporated into Indigenous Kokoda Adventures’ treks to proudly showcase how local people and travel suppliers can establish a multi-layered business that benefits many people on many levels.

For more information, or to add your brand to The Caviar Spoon collaboration platform for free, visit www.thecaviarspoon.com

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