Interview: Qatar’s Commissioner General on the country’s Expo pavilion

Interview: Qatar’s Commissioner General on the country’s Expo pavilion

Qatar will join the countries showcasing their wares at the world fair

Commissioner General Nasser Mohammed Almuhannadi spoke with Connecting Travel about Qatar Tourism’s plans for its Expo pavilion, from the inclusion of Qatar’s Coat of Arms to its alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

CONNECTING TRAVEL: What does Qatar hope to achieve at Expo 2020 Dubai?
NASSER MOHAMMED ALMUHANNADI: The Qatar Pavilion invites visitors to explore the country’s past, present and future by blending heritage and culture with advanced modern technologies to communicate our commitment to achieving excellence across all areas of human endeavour.

As Qataris, we embrace the role we play in contributing to a better tomorrow

Through our involvement at Expo 2020 Dubai, our aim is to share stories that reflect this sense of responsibility as we look to encourage others to find their own purpose. As we honour those who came before us and uphold their values, we also recognise that the future is now. The future is yet to come.

CT: What aspects of Qatar are you most keen to promote?
NMA: The Qatar pavilion reflects Qatar’s National Vision 2030, a vision that aims to transform Qatar into an advanced country capable of sustaining its own development and providing a high standard of living for its population and future generations. In line with this, Qatar’s participation reflects the country’s aim to foster the development of a future where people, society and environment are nurtured to achieve their potential.

CT: What will be featured at the pavilion?
NMA: The pavilion’s design is a modern interpretation of the elements presented in the Coat of Arms of Qatar. Channelling the variety of meanings and values carrying geographical and cultural connotations embedded within the Coat of Arms, the pavilion serves as an architectural beacon that reflects the country’s pioneering vigour, harmonious sense of giving and powerful character.

Visitors of the pavilion can expect to be met with an immersive experience that reminds us of the various ways that we’re connected

In telling Qatar’s story, we invite visitors on a journey that explores a series of key themes, each derived essentially from elements at the core of Qatar’s vision for its present and future. These concepts are equally aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In relaying the interconnected and deep-rooted values of the nation of Qatar, the pavilion acts as a symbol of the country’s innovative spirit and progressive vision of the future while remaining true to its rich history.

CT: Will Qatar host any special events in Dubai during the Expo?
NMA: Held in association with the participating countries and organisations, visitors can expect to experience a variety of events over the course of the next six months that align with Expo 2020 Dubai’s thematic weeks and world happenings.


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