Sponsored: The little-talked about advantages of a long commute

Sponsored: The little-talked about advantages of a long commute

Make the most out of your time while travelling

A long commute has long been an enemy of the public, with most people regaling tales of wasted time, exhaustion and simple inconvenience during their trip. This is compounded by travel costs and the occasional longer commute due to unforeseen circumstances, like a breakdown or an accident. Yes, there are plenty of downsides to a long commute, but despite mainstream public opinion, it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, there are some benefits to be reaped if you look in the right direction with an open mindset. 

With a luxury travel bag from Émigré in tow, the long commute presents the opportunity for you to thrive in areas you may not have realised before, giving you the chance to make the most out of your time spent travelling. Whether your commute involves a plane, train, boat or car, there is always something to be gained from a longer journey.

Opportunity to improve your fitness 

No matter who you are, there’s always room to improve your fitness. Too many people rely on automobiles to get them to and from places. In fact, according to Imperial College London, only 12% of commuters walk to work and 3% cycle, leaving the vast majority using cars or other forms of public transport. With the bulk of people sitting down for their commute, only to get to the office and sit down all day, before heading home to sit some more, it’s clear to see how easy it is to fall into sedentary behaviours which do nothing for your health or wellbeing. 

According to the New York Post, six out of every 10 office workers have no desire to exercise when they finish work, meaning the majority of white collar workers are simply inactive. Of course, the tolls of office life are hard on the brain and can tire you out mentally, but still physically, your body needs to move. One smart way to shoehorn exercise into your day is to walk or cycle to work where possible. You can then spend more time in the evening relaxing however you wish.

Émigré’s range of transport bags make it easier than ever to carry what you need to work without hindering your ability to cycle or walk. From high quality backpacks to the durable Boston bag with multiple strap attachments, you will find that your belongings are safe yet firmly out the way during your active commute.

Unparalleled networking exposure

Do you ever sit on a train or bus and look at other commuters in their work attire, wondering what their role is or what company they work for? It’s completely natural to be curious about those in your immediate vicinity, but so many people sit quietly and don’t interact with those around them. For all you know, your future employer or partner could be sitting mere rows away from you during your commute. 

The most unsuspecting people are often those in positions of authority and power. If you’re feeling the itch to escape the rat race and start your own venture but need a partner, they could be sat closer than you think. Why not bite the bullet and strike up a conversation next time you’re travelling? If you don’t make a new work partner, you may still make a friend at the very least. 

Time for constructive thinking 

What do you think about when you commute? Is it what you are going to achieve at work that day, or what you’ve packed for lunch? Why not use your commute constructively and eke out time to expand your knowledge, improve your skill set or find the next big opportunity? The average person now commutes 52 minutes each day (26 minutes one way). If you take public transport, that’s plenty of time to focus on a side project or read a book to increase your knowledge on something. 

You could even use your commute time to think of areas in which you can improve yourself, ranging from increasing your self-awareness to honing in on your communication skills. Make the most of online resources and gadgets such as earphones or bluetooth speakers (if you’re driving to work). You can take in a lot of information in just a few minutes, so using your commute to do so rather than staring blankly out the window is a positive step forwards for your personal development. 

Of course, there will always be days where you will only be able to muster up a blank stare, but listening to an informative talk or taking the time to develop your character can make your commute somewhat more bearable.

Travelling in style during rush hour with Émigré 

Some of the most perilous elements of a commute involve having to stuff your belongings into the miniature storage crevices available on public transport, or struggling to carry everything you need from the car park to your desk without littering important items along the way. Émigré Travel takes the hassle out of this juggling act, allowing you to simply grab your things and get moving. 

Their products are responsibly made using recycled materials, but they exhibit honourable strength and durability. If you’re going to be hopping on a carriage with multiple other commuters, you need to make sure your bag can withstand it. With padded compartments and secure fastenings, their bags are made to be comfortable to carry and functional to use. A perfect blend of style and practicality, their understated range is built for the working environment in every capacity, including the commute. View the range and find the perfect style for your needs, allowing you to sit back and use your commute to its fullest potential. 

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