Abu Dhabi updates Covid-19 protocol for those who test positive

Abu Dhabi updates Covid-19 protocol for those who test positive

Medical assessment is now required for high-risk groups

Abu Dhabi has announced new regulations that must be followed by both those who test positive for Covid-19 and those who come into contact with Covid-19 sufferers. 

PROTOCOL FOR: Those with Mild Symptoms, without Chronic Disease 
Those who receive a positive Covid-19 test result must take another PCR test at an approved health facility in Abu Dhabi and then isolate until a result is received.

If they test positive, they will be contacted by a specialist with further instructions. If they test negative, they must take another PCR test 24 hours later to confirm the negative result and resume normal activities.

PROTOCOL FOR: High-risk Sufferers
Anyone belonging to a high risk category who tests positive is now required to visit a designated Covid-19 Prime Assessment Centre for medical assessment and isolation guidelines.

People considered high risk are those who are displaying severe symptoms, suffering from chronic disease, aged 50 and above, or pregnant.

Isolation can be ended after receiving two negative PCR test results 24 hours apart, or after undergoing 10 days of isolation and getting negative PCR test results on day eight and day 10 following the positive test result, with no sign of symptoms in the last three days of isolation.


PROTOCOL FOR: Close Covid-19 Contact
Those who come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 will receive an SMS from health authorities asking them to take a PCR test and register for home quarantine.

Those who are vaccinated must quarantine at home for seven days, while those who are unvaccinated must isolate for 10 days.

If the PCR test result following close contact is positive, the standard testing and isolation procedures listed above must be followed. 

However, if the PCR test result is negative, a second test must be taken on day six for those who are vaccinated and on day nine for those who are not. If the second test is negative, the isolation period can then end. 


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