Are these the best sustainable straws in the UAE?

Are these the best sustainable straws in the UAE?

“Sulapac straws are usable for up to 24 hours without becoming soggy” says CEO

Finnish company Sulapac is offering more user-friendly, sustainable, non-plastic straws to hospitality providers in the GCC region.

Made of wood chips and plant-based binders, Sulapac straws are supplied by Bird Collaborative, a UAE-based startup specialising in the supply of plastic alternatives to the GCC market.

The straws are industrially compostable and biodegrade without leaving permanent microplastics behind. Makers claim the Sulapac straws can be used for up to 24 hours without becoming soggy.

Several luxury hotels in the UAE, including St Regis Downtown, Four Seasons Resort Dubai and Caesars Palace Dubai, have procured supplies of the Sulapac straws

Hospitality groups are also stocking the straws, with orders coming in from Addmind, the group behind Iris Lounge and Bar Du Port, and Tashas Group, with venues including Tashas, Flamingo Room and Avli.

Currently, local regulations limiting single-use plastics are being prepared in the UAE with the aim to phase out the most common single-use plastics, including straws, cups, lids, cutlery, stirrers and food containers, which account for a large share of marine waste.

In 2020, Dubai Airport imposed a full ban on single-use plastics and Abu Dhabi will ban all single-use plastics by the end of 2022.


Bird Collaborative founder Nabil Mhanna said: “We are serious about sustainability. It took us years to find an alternative to conventional plastic that is truly sustainable and leaves no microplastics that choke our beloved Earth. We are really proud of our partnership with Sulapac, they offer the best alternatives to traditional plastic backed by science and sustainable innovation. Also, the UAE government is doing a great job in launching awareness campaigns that work in the favour of all sustainability companies who truly want to make a difference.” 

Speaking about what sets his company’s offering apart, Sulapac CEO and co-founder Dr Suvi Haimi said: “What we are seeing is a third wave in the evolution of straws. First, people became aware of how harmful traditional single-use plastic straws are for the environment. Then, people tried paper straws and found them very frustrating to use as they get soggy and break before their drink is even finished. Now, more user-friendly and sustainable options are finally available. This makes it easier for people to make the switch from not using conventional plastic and helps reduce plastic waste.” 

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