Comment: We must stand together in support of the people of Ukraine

Comment: We must stand together in support of the people of Ukraine

Each of us has a duty to bring pressure to bear to restore peace and save lives, says Jacobs Media Group chairman Clive Jacobs

My thoughts and those of the entire Jacobs Media Group family around the world are with the people of Ukraine currently.

Like so many others, I have been deeply saddened and disturbed by the shocking scenes that populate our rolling news coverage and front pages and by this needless invasion.

I have spent my working life within the travel and hospitality industries, and the many brands within the Jacobs Media Group portfolio have a presence across six continents.

Over the course of more than four decades, I have witnessed first-hand the ability of our industries to bring people and cultures together, broaden horizons and minds and break down barriers and conflict.

I believe that now, more than ever, we must stand together in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

In the darkest times, we can see the best of humanity, and I have been pleased to see the willingness of the travel and hospitality industries to play their part in standing up to this unnecessary and unjustified invasion.

I can also give you my assurance that all the brands within Jacobs Media Group areĀ supporting our own efforts to get aid to the people who currently need it most.

As someone with personal experience of conflict, my heart goes out to the Ukrainian people who are experiencing fear and uncertainty beyond the comprehension of most.

And while it should be stressed that the vast majority of Russian citizens are decent people with no desire to be at war, it is a painful truth that pressure must be brought to bear from every conceivable angle in order to drive change from within and save lives.

National leaders must now show a strength which has too often been absent in recent times. But the responsibility to demonstrate our humanity and support the people of Ukraine goes beyond political figures and is the duty of us all.

The current situation has many ominous parallels in history, and nobody should be foolish enough to think that further escalation is not a possibility or that burying our heads in the sand is an option.

We must all stand with the Ukrainian people in their darkest hour and exert whatever pressure we can to restore peace.

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