Dubai Airports to elevate travel experience for people with disabilities

Dubai Airports to elevate travel experience for people with disabilities

New facilities will include autism-friendly routes, quiet rooms and an airport safari tour

Dubai Airports is introducing a new programme to deliver an inclusive, efficient travel experiences for people with health conditions and disabilities, referred to in the region as 'people of determination'. 

Conditions such as autism, chronic fatigue and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been taken into account.

Part of Dubai Airport’s 'We all meet the world differently' ethos, the initiative will contribute to Dubai's goal to be the world’s leading disability-friendly city and a barrier-free community to welcome all travellers.

Dubai Airports will introduce a travel planner to assist people with disabilities with pre-travel preparation as well as an autism-friendly route within the airport with prioritised passage through check-in, passport control, security checkpoint and boarding, which can be accessed when wearing a sunflower lanyard.

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Specially trained staff equipped to support travellers with disabilities will be identifiable by their sunflower pins, allowing for increased visibility, communication and support throughout the airport journey.

A comprehensive educational campaign to drive awareness around autism, specifically relating to socially acceptable language and empathy, will be undertaken by staff as part of the programme, complemented by the distribution of key training materials across all airport entities, ensuring that travellers are met with consistent support and a positive customer experience.

The second phase of the roll-out will see additional innovations to improve passenger comfort, including quiet rooms and an "airport safari tour". Further details of which are yet to be revealed.


Dubai Airports COO Majed Al Joker said: “Dubai Airports is committed to promoting the inclusion and participation of people of determination – who, as an integral part of our travelling customer base, deserve the highest level of care and customer service.

“We are working to provide the essential services and amenities and are proud to be collaborating with the Dubai Autism Centre and the sector to drive awareness around hidden disabilities. This initiative is only the beginning of what we hope will be a transformative travel experience for all people of determination that travel through our airports.” 

The programme will roll out in two phases over two years and engage several of DXB’s service partners.

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