Dubai’s Burj Al Arab to host the Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab to host the Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo

Organisers aim to make the ball an annual event on Dubai’s social calendar, attracting high-net-worth travellers

The Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo will be hosted in Dubai for the first time on Friday 17 March 2023.

Opera singer and UNICEF Ambassador Delia Grace Noble is the artistic director and the event will feature performances by international singers, musicians and ballet stars.

Noble says the high-net-worth individuals in attendance will include “members of international royal families, famous designers and film stars”.

With a ‘princes and princesses’ theme, the dress code for women is ball gowns, while men are required to wear ‘white tie’ or ceremonial military uniform.

Dressing up is essential

The ball will take place in Burj Al Arab’s Al Falak Ballroom, inspired by the grand decor of an 18th-century Viennese opera house.

Noble says: “The objective is to transform Burj Al Arab for one night, creating a royal atmosphere, in which participants, with the soul of princes and princesses, can deviate joyfully from everyday life, to enter the fantasies of fables and mystical dreams.”

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The event was created six years ago to bring the magic of Monte-Carlo to Venice on the opening night of the Venice Film Festival, hosted as part of a cultural, economic and tourist exchange between Monaco and Venice, with the support of Georges Marsan, Mayor of Monaco, and the Italian Ambassador to Monaco.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco has agreed to support the Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses and every year the event is held in Monaco under his High Patronage.

If well received, the special edition of The Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo in Dubai is set to be repeated annually.

Tickets cost from €2,000 (US$2,140) per person. For more information, or to reserve tables visit 

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