Dubai’s new Covid-19 regulations in a nutshell

Dubai’s new Covid-19 regulations in a nutshell

The two-metre rule has been halved

The mandatory spacing between individuals at restaurants and cafes, shopping centres, gyms, beaches, parks, offices and workplaces has been reduced from two metres to one.

Despite speculation that wearing masks would no longer be required, they remain mandatory in Dubai until further notice. However, there are some exceptions when masks can be removed in Dubai:

  • During certain medical treatments, including dental, eye, nose and throat examinations
  • In offices when alone
  • In cars when alone or with members of the same family
  • During exercise

As a result of the UAE’s vigorous vaccination programme and easy access to affordable PCR testing, cases have dropped all across the Emirates to fewer than 100 a day.

To date, almost 99% of people in the UAE have received one dose of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Sinopharm vaccines, and 88% have received two.

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