Dubai's RTA and Udrive partner on new Hatta transport option

Dubai's RTA and Udrive partner on new Hatta transport option

The initiative will boost domestic tourism in Hatta

Udrive, a dedicated pay-per-minute car rental platform, has partnered with Dubai’s RTA to launch an exclusive fleet to transport residents and tourists to and from Hatta.

The initiative is aligned with the UAE’s ‘World’s Coolest Winter’ tourism campaign, which aims to support domestic tourism within the UAE while attracting global tourists by highlighting the country’s most famous recreational, cultural and natural landmarks. Last year, domestic tourism increased by 36%, reaching 1.3 million visitors.

Users will be able to book one of the dedicated cars to travel to and from Hatta while also having the flexibility to use the car within Hatta to explore its attractions. Currently, the offering is available to Udrive customers in Dubai, with plans to expand it into other emirates. 


The Hatta fleet comprises spacious Mitsubishi Pajero SUVs so users can enjoy a comfortable road trip with family and friends, however, pricing is somewhat complicated. Car hire costs AED299 on day one, and AED 99 per day on day two and three, within a maximum mileage of 350km over three days. Beyond that an excess charge of AED1.7 per kilometre is charged. 

RTA director of planning and Business Development, Public Transport Agency, Adel Shakeri said: “RTA's strategy is focused on providing an integrated transportation network between Dubai [city] and Hatta, which continues to strengthen its position as a major tourism destination. 

"With the tourist season in full swing, we align ourselves with key strategic partners, such as Udrive, to provide seamless travel for both visitors and residents of the UAE who are looking for somewhere special to spend quality time."

Udrive co-founder and CEO Nicholas Watson added: “Hatta, for many, is one of the UAE’s unexplored gems that gives a truly fantastic range of possibilities for tourists. To access the region requires motor-vehicle transport and our platform will better connect people with Hatta, a top adventure destination.”

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With each pay-per-minute car-sharing vehicle being booked three to five times a day, Udrive is also supporting the Dubai 2040 Urban Plan’s bid to build a 20-minute city by reducing the strain of travelling within Dubai. 

The start-up has nearly 1,000 cars in its fleet in the UAE and has recently expanded into Saudi Arabia. There are 380,000 registered users and a total of 2 million trips have been taken since its launch in 2016.

Those wishing to use the service can download the app on Google Play, App Store or Huawei to register.

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