Etihad Airways launches Conscious Choices loyalty programme

Etihad Airways launches Conscious Choices loyalty programme

Members will be rewarded for being environmentally responsible

Etihad Airways loyalty programme, Etihad Guest, has introduced a series of sustainability-focused initiatives to reward members for making ‘green’ choices.

Conscious Choices is a new range of sustainable initiatives offered by the Etihad Guest programme, created to support Etihad’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and halve its 2019 emissions by 2035.

Members will be rewarded with tier miles and additional benefits for carrying less baggage on board and offsetting carbon emissions with Etihad Guest Miles

Tier Miles can also be accrued by offsetting up to a month’s worth of everyday emissions from driving, cooling your home or cooking each year. Members will also be rewarded for donating miles to a green cause and purchasing sustainable products from the Etihad Guest Reward Shop in partnership with Collinson and CarbonClick.

The full programme and its benefits will go live in January 2022.


Etihad Aviation Group group chief executive officer Tony Douglas said: “Etihad’s commitment to sustainability sits at the core of our business, and we’re pleased to welcome our 8 million members to jump on board this journey to sustainability. Empowering our Members to offset their personal travel or shopping in a sustainable way, and be rewarded for it, gives the Etihad sustainability programme even more weight.

“While Etihad has focused on developing technology and innovative solutions for operational efficiency that will actively reduce the CO2 emissions of flying, we have placed an equal focus on the guest. To that end we have been developing our sustainable loyalty programme for the last year, listening to member feedback and taking into account their priorities and expectations for travel.”

Over the last two years, Etihad has introduced several CO2 reduction initiatives under its Greenliner sustainability programme.

Initiatives include adopting thousands of mangroves, using sustainable fuels, reducing contrails, flying optimised flight paths, and operating more electric vehicles

Etihad recently operated its most sustainable flight to date, leveraging the learnings and efficiencies developed over the last two years to reduce carbon emissions by 72% in absolute terms compared to the equivalent flight operated in 2019.

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