Hotels harness the power of sound to seduce guests

Hotels harness the power of sound to seduce guests

Hilton and Mandarin Oriental have released audio tracks and playlists to enhance the guest experience

Hilton, has released an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) audio track named ‘Sounds of the Stay’ to help guests unwind and get into holiday mode before their stays begin.

The hotel group teamed up with leading psychologist and ASMR expert Dr Giulia Poerio to produce the track. 

Poerio said: “The impact of everyday sounds on our levels of relaxation and wellbeing is something of increasing interest to researchers, especially over the past few years. It makes sense then that sounds we commonly associate with holidays might help bring people closer to those sought-after feelings of rest and relaxation even before people arrive at their getaway destinations."

The ‘Sounds of the Stay’ ASMR track has been produced at the optimal length, pitch and frequency scientifically proven to help people relax. The steady three-minute track features a wealth of soft, slow repetitive noises, such as footsteps across crunchy sand and suitcase wheels rolling over marbled hotel floors.

Hilton has released the track on YouTube so that guests can listen to it before they arrive. For optimum effect, the track should be heard on good quality headphones.

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Patricia Page-Champion, senior vice president and global commercial director, Hilton, added: “Having spent most of my career in and around hotels, I’ve always loved the look on people’s faces when they walk through the door and seeing the happiness of a holiday about to begin. 

"A great stay offers the opportunity to pause, reflect and reconnect, and through this track we wanted to help people get that holiday feeling even before their holiday begins.”


Also harnessing the power of sound to help guests relax, Mandarin Oriental (pictured) has launched a new Wellness Music Programme.   

The curated playlists designed to aid healing can be heard at the Spas at Mandarin Oriental from 10 June 2023, when they will debut on Global Wellness Day. The Wellness Music Programme has been carefully curated drawing on regional cultures and philosophies with healing traditions in their music. 

The Wellness Music Programme is the latest innovation by the Spas at Mandarin Oriental designed to elevate guests' wellness journeys. To create the playlist the group collaborated with MusicStyling, a network of world-renowned ambient composers. 

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