Hong Kong eases Covid-19 regulations

Hong Kong eases Covid-19 regulations

Hong Kong’s Covid-19 rules changed from 1 June 2022

A statement released by  the Hong Kong government confirmed that, while travellers still need a nucleic acid test within 48 hours of the scheduled departure of their flight to Hong Kong, they will no longer be required to provide documentary proof of the lab’s accreditation.

The city will also drop requirements for transit passengers to have a pre-flight polymerase chain reaction-based nucleic acid test.

The changes are the latest updates to come into effect from the government that says it’s committed to China’s strict Covid zero policy.

Hong Kong recently lifted a ban on non-residents coming to the city from the start of May 2022, but still requires inbound passengers to quarantine for seven days after arrival.


The government’s latest announcement also included an easing of the flight-suspension mechanism for carriers that bring in Covid sufferers.

From 1 June, airlines that trigger the so-called ‘circuit breaker’ (bringing in three or more infected passengers on a single flight) will receive a warning and a HK$20,000 (US$2,548) penalty.

If the carrier again breaches the terms within 10 days it will be prohibited from flying that route into Hong Kong for five days. The current policy doesn’t offer warnings and instead goes straight to banning flights if more than five passengers onboard test positive.

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