How Etihad is making travel with children easier this year

How Etihad is making travel with children easier this year

The airline has partnered with Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi to introduce a series of key changes

Hot on the heels of Emirates launching its dedicated kids’ lounge, Etihad Airways has launched its ‘Little VIP’ campaign.

The airline has partnered with the Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi theme park to make travelling with children as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Animation characters, including Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes’ Sylvester and Tweety are emblazoned across the children’s activity packs given to passengers on long haul flights.

In addition, there are new children’s gifts, tailored to three age ranges:

  • For infants up to two years old, parents will be given a soft fleece blanket decorated with Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Sylvester, which they can keep 
  • Young flyers aged three to eight years will be given a drawstring bag containing an activity book, crayons, memory card game and passport holder
  • Tweens and teens aged nine to 13 will be given a Scooby-Doo themed backpack containing a Museum of Mysteries board game

Along with the inflight gifts, Etihad cabin crew and ground crew have received specific  training to identify and support family travel needs. At Abu Dhabi International Airport, a dedicated family check-in space will be available for families with minimised queuing to make family journeys as smooth as possible.

Thoughtful touches include a small set of stairs at check-in counters allowing young flyers to take part in the check-in process

On board, young travellers will be given their meals first for convenience, and diners will experience Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi themed cutlery in bright colours. The menu has also been enhanced based on consultation and feedback from family travellers and traditional children’s favourites such as fusilli pasta with meatballs, and waffles and pancakes have been added to the menu.


In line with Etihad’s sustainability ethos, the new children’s packs and dining experience have been designed with product purpose and reusability in mind. The gifts are designed to be taken away and treasured, encouraging children to feel excited about travelling with Etihad.

The new amenities have also been designed without the need for individual packaging, avoiding the use of single use plastics

 Speaking about the new initiative, Etihad Airways executive director Guest Experience, Brand and Marketing Terry Daly said: “This year, we will bring product innovation to the forefront, and this is the first of many exciting developments to look forward to. We’re thrilled to be kicking this off with a focus on our ‘Little VIPs’ and their families.

“We understand and appreciate that it’s not always easy travelling with little ones, however, this collaboration with Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi is designed to make the travel experience an exciting one for children and an easier one for their parents.”

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi general manager Don Strickler added: “We are pleased to be joining hands with Etihad Airways to provide a unique and fun experience for kids and their parents. Be it on board their flight or while visiting our highly immersive lands, Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi delivers the ultimate themed journey for guests of all ages. We are confident that the introduction of everyone’s beloved Animation characters will add further entertainment for families to enjoy unforgettable moments while travelling. We look forward to widening the horizons of our partnership with the UAE’s national airline and hope to continuously expand our offerings with every new addition.” 

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