Israel adapts national park for blind visitors

Israel adapts national park for blind visitors

Caesarea National Park sets a benchmark for other parks by launching the Right Hear app

In an effort to improve and upgrade visitor accessibility, Caesarea Development Company has announced that visually impaired visitors to Caesarea National Park can now access the Right Hear app via its website.

The app allows those with visual impairments to access the various attractions with accurate information at a variety of points of interest throughout the archaeological site and the port of Caesarea.

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The smart navigation system allows visitors to travel more independently and safely without the need for explanation or guidance from others while they visit the park’s antiquities, including the harbour vaults, the temple and the monumental stairs.

According to the latest research, there are currently more than 25,000 visually impaired people in Israel and another 200,000 who suffer from varying degrees of visual impairments.


Speaking about the initiative, Caesarea Development and Asset Companies CEO Michael Crescenti said: “The project is another tier of commitment and policy we have taken on the companies’ activities, and it is a move that will strengthen equality and consideration in general – and those with special needs in particular.”

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