Middle East travellers are looking to Likee creators for inspiration

Middle East travellers are looking to Likee creators for inspiration

The new social media platform is showcasing what the region has to offer 

Likee, a short-video platform popular in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, has become a popular social network for people who love to travel and share destination footage. 

Much like its close competitor, TikTok, the draw of the platform lies in its ability to communicate big messages in a short time frame, and it is attracting attention from thousands of users.

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Travel-focused content creators are inspiring users to travel to the region and visit its attractions by sharing scenes of mountain ranges, beaches, iconic landmarks and skylines on the app. 

Speaking about the ways in which users are posting on the platform, Likee head of Global Operations, Gibson Yuen said: “Users are practising really creative videography here. It’s more than just displaying a location, people are using our platform to communicate the feelings and experience of being somewhere completely different.”


As summer approaches and travel becomes easier once more, people are starting to make their holiday plans.

Likee gives people the tools to show the world what their home city has to offer while allowing people to connect online across borders and learn other cultures. 

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