More than 40% of Gen Z travel for social media content

More than 40% of Gen Z travel for social media content

The YouGov study measured data from people across 17 markets

A new report from YouGov has revealed insights into the travel habits of Generation Z. Also referred to Gen Z, the demographic born between 1997 and 2012 – today’s 10- to 25-year-olds – impact the travel market, particularly once they’re old enough to influence their parents decisions or travel unchaperoned.

The study showed Gen Z travellers are more likely to revisit familiar destinations than previous generations, with 40% agreeing they usually go back to the same places when travelling, the highest of any age group.

Source: YouGov

Gen Z travellers are also the most likely demographic to seek out experiences to share on their social media accounts, with 43% saying that this is a consideration in their travel plans.

The YouGov study also measured what consumers intend to spend more on this year compared to last year to get a fuller understanding of whether travel restrictions have spurred pent-up desire to travel across the generations. 

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A notable takeaway from the study is that younger generations will be prioritising travel in their spending mix. According to the data, 26% of the world’s Gen Z population intends to spend more on travel in the next 12 months, closely followed by Millennials (today’s 26- to 41-year-olds) who will allocate 25% of their spending to travel.

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