Multi-generational holidays on the rise in 2023

Multi-generational holidays on the rise in 2023

Research commissioned by Visit Dubai suggests families want to spend more time together 

There has been a notable increase in multi-generational holidays in 2023, according to a recent study from Visit Dubai.

The study indicates that a significant number of vacationers (89%) are planning a getaway involving at least three generations of their family.

The research is based on a survey of a thousand British adults and suggests that families are increasingly looking for opportunities to spend quality time together, with 70% expressing a desire to create lasting memories while on holiday.

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More than half (52%) of respondents said they looked forward to experiencing and discovering shared interests with their family, and just over a quarter (26%) said they wanted to make up for time they feel that they lost during the pandemic.

According to the survey, the top holiday priorities for parents are good value (61%) and good weather (60%), while grandparents put a high value on having a stress-free and relaxing experience (49%). The younger generation, unsurprisingly, just want to have fun, giving their vote to plenty of activities (68%) and entertainment (65%).

Visit Dubai CEO Issam Kazim said: "We pride ourselves on our vision to create exciting, engaging and innovative experiences for visitors of all ages, personal passions, backgrounds and travel aspirations. From family-friendly entertainment and visionary gastronomy to authentic culture and world-leading hospitality, Dubai offers unforgettable experiences tailored to every individual and travelling party."


Actor Warwick Davies, who recently holidayed in the UAE with his family, added: "As a family, we've always loved to travel. We used to take our holidays close to home, touring around the UK in our camper van, more recently we love to explore as much as we can, travelling farther afield.

“We all have different interests and love to try new experiences. Dubai offers everything we could dream of, from riding on a camel out into the desert in the morning to hitting the ski slopes in the afternoon."

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