Qatar's travel and tourism sector to reach record levels in 2024

Qatar's travel and tourism sector to reach record levels in 2024

Industry set to contribute all-time high of US$24.9bn to Qatari economy

Following a record-breaking year, Qatar is on track to reach even greater heights in 2024 with its travel and tourism sector predicted to contribute US$24.9bn to the Qatari economy, up from US$22.3bn in 2023. 

Representing 11% of the country's GDP, the sector will support more than 334,500 jobs across the country (16% of the total workforce).

Spending by international travellers is expected to increase significantly across the year, with forecasts indicating a record spend of US$19.1bn this year, while domestic spend is projected to reach US$3.3bn.

These predicted figures all surpass those seen in 2023, as outlined in the World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) 2024 Economic Impact Research (EIR). 

As the host of the FIFA World Cup in November 2022, Qatar's travel and tourism GDP contribution grew by 31% in 2023 to reach a record-breaking US$22.3bn, representing 10% of Qatar’s total economic output.

The sector also proved to be a vital source of employment, creating more than 20,300 new jobs and raising the total to nearly 286,000 nationwide, representing one in every eight jobs across the country.

With the 2024 figures all predicted to surpass these record levels, this success is testament of the government’s commitment in prioritising collaboration between the public and private sectors to boost Qatar’s travel and tourism, creating diverse and immersive experiences for visitors.

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By 2034, the global tourism body is forecasting that the sector will grow its annual GDP contribution to more than US$37bn, nearly 13% of Qatar’s economy, and is projected to employ nearly 458,000 people across the country, with one in five residents working in the sector. 

WTTC president amd CEO Julia Simpson said: “Qatar's travel and tourism sector is poised to break all records this year, highlighting its significance as a leading destination in the Middle East. The government’s efforts and emphasis in collaboration will propel Qatar’s travel and tourism growth, setting the stage to play a crucial role in the national economic landscape, promising a future defined by prosperity and opportunity.”

Overall, the Middle Eastern travel and tourism sector grew by more than 25% in 2023 to reach almost US$460bn. Jobs reached nearly 7.75 million and international spending grew by 50% to reach US$179.8bn. Domestic visitor spending grew by 17% to reach more than US$205bn.

WTTC is forecasting that travel and tourism across the region will continue to grow throughout 2024 with the GDP contribution set to reach US$507bn. 

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