Saudi Arabia imposes quarantine for unvaccinated travellers

Saudi Arabia imposes quarantine for unvaccinated travellers

A week-long isolation period will be imposed on unvaccinated arrivals

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior has announced that unvaccinated travellers entering the kingdom will be subject to a week-long quarantine from 20 May.

In a statement, the ministry said: “This comes in line with the efforts exerted by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to curb the spread of [Covid-19], and based on recommendations by the competent health authorities.”

Unvaccinated travellers must have valid health insurance to cover the risks of coronavirus. They must also undergo a PCR test on arrival followed by another PCR test on the seventh day of quarantine.

Airline crew, diplomats, health officials, truck drivers and marine workers are exempt from the rule, as are relatives of citizens and unvaccinated domestic workers accompanied by vaccinated residents.

Kuwait has also announced a travel ban on passengers who are not vaccinated.

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