Saudi’s new initiative to support local travel trade partners

Saudi’s new initiative to support local travel trade partners

Tourism Shapers aims to equip travel trade partners with the knowledge to navigate the evolving tourism landscape

The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) has launched Tourism Shapers, a new initiative to support the learning and development of local travel trade partners in the tourism private sector.

As Saudi continues to develop its destination offering for local, regional and international audiences, it is now more important than ever to enable and empower the private sector.

Speaking about the initiative, Saudi Tourism Authority CEO Fahd Hamidaddin said: “Across the Kingdom, we are seeing different types of small-to-medium-sized businesses transform their working models and offering so that tourism is at the heart of their core product.”

“Businesses are beginning to think differently about the future, recognizing the immense growth opportunities within the tourism sector and how they must adapt, evolve and innovate to meet the needs of their customer.”

Tourism Shapers aims to not only support the growth of the tourism ecosystem, but to inspire small-to-medium sized businesses in Saudi to recognise the opportunities within the industry, so they can grow their business and their livelihood.

The first-of-its-kind initiative began with a series of monthly interactive webinars. Each session focuses on a different topic, designed to equip the audience with best practices, key insights, and information to keep them informed on the tourism industry’s constant evolution.

“The future of tourism is dependent on building partnerships at all levels,” added Hamidaddin. “Tourism Shapers is just one initiative through which STA is sharing ideas and insights that will help empower our partners to win their share of visitation.”

For more information on Tourism Shapers and to register for the next webinar ‘Pricing Strategy and Sales’, please visit:

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