Travel agents warned to prepare clients for busy European airports this summer

Travel agents warned to prepare clients for busy European airports this summer

B2B transfers platform Servantrip highlights potential challenges to address

With major European airports, including Heathrow (London), Charles de Gaulle (Paris), Schiphol (Amsterdam) and Madrid Barajas (Spain), expecting to see more than 268 million passengers pass through their terminals this summer, travel agents and tour operators are being advised to inform clients of potential challenges.

According to B2B transfers platform, Servantrip, real-time flight tracking, clear communication and buffer times are just some of the ways operators and agents can alleviate what is likely to be ‘one of the busiest summers ever’ as travel achieves a full rebound.

Servantrip advises agents and operators to: 

  • ensure designated meeting points in “meet and greet” services are clearly communicated to all parties and share travellers’ contact details with transfer drivers
  • provide transfer chauffeurs with flight numbers, allowing them to track flights in real time and adjust schedules as needed
  • incorporate 'buffer times' to allow for extended queues going through customs during peak times in summer season
  • ensure transfer vehicles have sufficient storage space to accommodate all passengers’ luggage. Ask clients in advance how many pieces of luggage and what size luggage they intend to carry so the necessary arrangements can be made. 
  • ensure drivers have appropriate child seats for the parties they are transferring

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Servantrip CEO, Manuel Núñez noted that many leisure travellers expect travel agents and other distributors to organise the transfer for them as part of the trip. 

He said: “By planning ahead, travellers can ensure a smooth and efficient private transfer experience at major European airports and avoid waiting times and stress. When it comes to handling peak transfer periods – as we’ll inevitably see this summer – not only is a large fleet needed to support the demand, but also better operations technology and processes that anticipate well-known challenges to keep problems to a minimum.”

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