Travellers must have match tickets to enter Qatar during World Cup

Travellers must have match tickets to enter Qatar during World Cup

The move aims to prevent a repeat of the disruption witnessed during the UK’s Euro 2020 final last year

Authorities in Qatar have confirmed that travellers who do not have a ticket to one of the World Cup matches will not be allowed to enter the country during the tournament.

This year’s FIFA World Cup tournament will take place from 21 November  to 17 December 2022. Qatar is expecting to welcome thousands of visitors and has plans to open more than 100 hotels in order to meet the surge in demand.

Ticket holders will automatically receive a Hayya Card, which will allow them to obtain a visa to enter Qatar. The card will function as their official FIFA ID and allow them to have access to the stadiums. Hayya Card holders will also have free access to public transportation on match days.


The move will help ensure the safety of fans. In the UK in July last year, roughly 2,000 ticketless fans were able to gain access to Wembley Stadium where the Euro 2020 final was being held. No fatalities occurred, but the incident was considered a ‘near miss’ by authorities.

Commenting on the announcement, Qatar Tourism COO Berhold Trenkel said: “A decision has been taken that only fans with match tickets will be allowed visas. They will need official fan IDs to get into Qatar and those who do not have them will not be allowed to travel…The rules are strict and are there for a reason.”

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