Turkey to see influx of budget-conscious travellers

Turkey to see influx of budget-conscious travellers

The rising cost of living across Europe will make low-cost destinations more popular in 2022

With high levels of pent-up demand combined with rising living costs, many holiday makers will be looking for a bargain this summer and Turkey may be one of the few countries that can meet this need.

Research from GlobalData’s ‘Traveller Spending Patterns’ report shows that in-destination spending is relatively low in Turkey, despite the average stay for inbound tourists being 10 days –  the second-longest in Europe in 2021.

Compared to average expenditure in popular leisure destinations such as Spain and Portugal, travellers could potentially save between $230 and $770 per trip when holidaying in Turkey

GlobalData travel and tourism analyst Craig Bradley said: “Turkey’s market position is likely to strengthen due to current consumer sentiment. In our Q3 2021 Global Consumer Survey, 58% of respondents said cost was a key influencing factor when booking a trip, making [affordability] the leading incentive to book.”

While average expenditure is likely to increase in Turkey this year due to inflation, it will still be substantially lower when compared to average expenditure against Europe’s top destinations. 


Bradley added: “Many travellers this year will be feeling the financial pinch due to cost-of-living surges such as high fuel and energy prices. However, according to several of Europe’s leading tour operators, pent-up demand in the travel industry continues to grow. As a result, travel companies appear to be more confident in Turkey than they have been at any point during the pandemic, with some tour operators reporting similar capacity levels to 2019.

“Those who usually travel to countries such as Spain, Portugal and France could make the switch this year to more affordable Turkey. As a result, this could help stimulate long-term demand for Turkish holidays across Europe, helping the nation to emerge as a leading destination as the pandemic eases.”

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