UAE-born burger brand High Joint reveals Saudi Arabia expansion

UAE-born burger brand High Joint reveals Saudi Arabia expansion

The eatery is set to take up residency in Riyadh by mid-November

From humble beginnings to overseas growth, homegrown Dubai burger brand High Joint has revealed its plans for expansion in Saudi with multiple locations to be launched and operational in Riyadh by mid-November 2021. Pop-ups by High Joint at major events in the Saudi city are also in the pipeline.

High Joint is the passion project by three Emiratis. It started as a hole-in-the-wall food outlet in Al Manara almost three years ago. Today, the company is about to launch its third location in Dubai. In addition, it operates a city-wide delivery operation and has collaborated with leading local chefs, including Reif Othman and sportswear brands Puma.

High Joint will develop new items catering to Saudia Arabian tastes, but Dubai best-sellers – the High Jamz, Waffle Waffle, The H and the High Chicken burgers – will be on the menu.

“We look forward to sharing our explosive high flavours in Riyadh as well as learning from the people of Saudi and what they love to eat, to ultimately make High Joint more diverse and international in its flavours and creativity,” says High Joint Founder Dr Hamad Al Awar.

“We started High Joint from our very tiny in size, but huge in character branch in Al Manara,” adds Dr Hamad. “From very early on, we intended to reverse the paradigm of importing burger brands from the USA and the rest of the world to exporting a Dubai homegrown brand across this region and to other countries around the world.”


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