UK Foreign Office warns against travel to Lebanon

UK Foreign Office warns against travel to Lebanon

Britons urged to leave Lebanon amid Middle East conflict

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has restricted travel to Lebanon and urged Britons in the country to leave due to the neighbouring Israel-Gaza war.

Official travel advice was updated last week. The FCDO warned: "If you are currently in Lebanon, we encourage you to leave now while commercial options remain available. Events in Lebanon are fast moving. The situation has potential to deteriorate quickly and with no warning. Commercial routes out of Lebanon could be severely disrupted or cancelled at short notice and roads across the country could be closed.'

The FCDO added: “FCDO advises against all travel to Lebanon due to risks associated with the conflict between Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. There are ongoing mortar, artillery exchanges and airstrikes in south Lebanon, on the border with Israel. Tensions are high and events could escalate with little warning, which could affect or limit exit routes out of Lebanon."

Travellers were warned that there is also a risk of civil unrest. "There have been large protests outside embassies, including outside the US and French embassies on 17 October. Further protests are expected. British Nationals should exercise caution and avoid areas where demonstrations may be held," said the FCDO. "Due to the security situation, family members of staff at the British Embassy have been temporarily withdrawn.”

In separate travel advise for Israel and the Occupied Palestine Territories, the FCDO confirmed that the booking portal for UK government-assisted repatriation flights had closed.

It added: “Commercial International flights continue to operate from Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and Ramon airport in Eilat but are limited and may be cancelled at short notice.”

The FCDO continues to advise against all but essential travel to Israel and the Occupied Palestine Territories and against all travel to Gaza and within 5km of the border with Lebanon, which has been declared a closed military zone by the Israeli military.

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