Hurtigruten to launch zero-emission ship by 2030

Hurtigruten to launch zero-emission ship by 2030

The expedition cruise line is working with 12 maritime partners on the cutting-edge project

Hurtigruten Norway has kicked off an innovative research project in partnership with research institute SINTEF and 12 maritime partners to launch its first zero-emission ship by 2030.

Based on cutting-edge research, the partners aim to create the most energy-efficient and sustainable cruise ship ever built by 2030.

The 'Sea Zero' project has been awarded €7 million (US$7,548,000) in public funding and has a total budget of €13 million (US$14,016,800) going into this research and development phase dedicated to developing pioneering solutions for energy efficiency, state-of-the-art battery solutions, propulsion technology, hull design, sustainable building practices and onboard hotel operations to reduce energy use.


The project aims to have a significant impact on the cruise industry’s sustainability and the future of travel.

The research phase will take place between 2023 and 2025, going directly into a new build project. 

The consortium aims to make the new ships zero emission to both sea and air, with one of the potential game-changers being a significant reduction in energy consumption.

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Speaking about the project, Hurtigruten Norway SVP for Marine Operations Gerry Larsson-Fedde said: “We aim to build the most energy-efficient passenger ship ever. We will turn every stone to cut both energy use, waste and emissions to a minimum.

“Consumers will not continue to accept the use of heavy fuel oil or climate targets that are way behind the Paris Agreement. Zero-emission ships will be the game-changer our industry needs.”

The Sea Zero project has the potential to impact the cruise and passenger transport industry by developing and demonstrating zero-emission ships and making new green technologies and products available for a large and global market. 

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