Oceania Cruises to offer free excursions on 2023 itineraries

Oceania Cruises to offer free excursions on 2023 itineraries

Line includes pre- and post-cruise visits to Unesco sites, including Taj Mahal

For a limited time, Oceania Cruises is inviting guests on select 2023 voyages to delve deeper into the world’s most exotic destinations and treasured wonders with its Free Land Program. 

Available on 15 featured sailings spanning Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, guests who book by 8 January 2023 can choose an immersive pre- or post-cruise add-on and benefit from savings of up to US$3,775 per person.

Oceania Cruises president and CEO Howard Sherman said: “Each of our land programmes delve deep into the rich history, culture, nature and architecture of these destinations. There are some places in the world we just can’t reach by ship but are must-sees when cruising the region, so our immersive land programmes are the best opportunity for guests to visit these remarkable places and do it for free.”

Highlights of Oceania Cruises’ Free Land Tour offering include: 

Ancient Incas & Pristine Paracas
Insignia Pacific Panorama Cruise: San Francisco to Santiago De Chile
Departing 15 January, 2023, 24-day voyage
Overland in Lima (Callao), Peru
What the brochure says: View ancient Peruvian wonders by flying over the enormous drawings that the pre-Columbian Nazca people created in the desert and by meandering through the 15th-century ruins of the coastal community Tambo Colorado. The latter is notable for being the only example of an Incan settlement constructed entirely of adobe and compacted soil known as rammed earth. Wildlife is the draw of both the Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve, a desert landscape along the sea. Humboldt penguins, sea lions and bright-pink flamingos are commonly seen there.

India’s Crown Jewel
Nautica Indian Ocean Escapade Cruise: Cape Town to Mumbai
Departing 18 January, 2023, 18-day voyage
Pre- or post-cruise Mumbai, India
What the brochure says: Although watching a radiant sunrise and sunset at the Taj Mahal may well be the highlight of this exploration, it is by no means the only attraction that will leave an indelible impression. The time between these two spectacles can be spent at the Unesco World Heritage Site Agra Fort or at the tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah, a marble mausoleum known as the “Baby Taj” as it is considered to be the model for the Taj Mahal. Delhi also delights through architecture such as the triumphant arch India Gate.

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Angkor Wat
Nautica Far East Interlude Cruise: Mumbai to Bangkok
Departing 5 February 2023, 14-day voyage
Pre- or post-cruise Bangkok, Thailand
What the brochure says: Meandering through the ruins of the Angkor Archaeological Park is mesmerising as it transports you back to the heyday of the Khmer empire. Not to be outdone by the dozens of Hindu-Buddhist temples at renowned Angkor Wat, the 12th-century temple complex at Angkor Thom stuns in its own way. Its Terrace of the Elephants and huge stone faces only touch upon the curiosities. A look at contemporary life in a craft school for underprivileged children and in a thriving marketplace add cultural context to the experience.

Explore Singapore
Nautica Fortunes Of The East Cruise: Bangkok to Singapore
Departing 19 February, 2023, 10-day voyage
Pre- or post-cruise Singapore
What the brochure says: Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of Singapore, a city-state that rapidly transitioned from a British trading post into an ultra-modern destination. Its multicultural past comes to life in the traditional temples and synagogues on Waterloo Street and in Chinatown’s bewitching maze of narrow roads. Cruising the Singapore River presents yet another perspective of the metropolis, while sustainably powered Gardens by the Bay celebrates the bullish future. Wrap up the trip with a Singapore Sling in the legendary Raffles Hotel.

The Jewels of Hong Kong
Nautica East Asia Enclaves Cruise: Hong Kong to Tokyo
Departing 1 March, 2023, 10-day voyage
Pre- or post-cruise Hong Kong, China
What the brochure says: Hong Kong dazzles, especially when you see it from the most captivating vantage points. Ride the funicular to soaring Victoria Peak, take a sampan boat past Chinese junks in Aberdeen Harbour and board a cable car up to Ngong Ping village, home to the once-remote Buddhist monastery Po Lin. Every cherry-picked highlight reveals another fascinating facet of Hong Kong, a metropolis equally proud of its soaring skyscrapers and traditional neighbourhoods. Explore vibrant Stanley Market and watch craftsmen turn gemstones into finished jewellery.


Tribute To Tokyo
Nautica Eastern Endeavor Cruise: Hong Kong to Tokyo
Departing 11 March, 2023, 12-day voyage
Pre- or post-cruise Tokyo, Japan
What the brochure says: Only icons can truly encapsulate a metropolis as big and bold as Tokyo, especially ones that represent the capital’s extraordinary diversity. For a historical perspective, the 7th-century Sensoji Temple and the Edo Tokyo Museum speak volumes. The Imperial Palace bridges the past and present, as samurai warriors lived in the castle that once stood where Japan’s imperial family now resides. The ultimate view of the city and Mt Fuji in the distance is from atop Tokyo Tower, a symbol of Japan’s rebirth as an economic powerhouse.

Glimpse of Arabia
Insignia Safaris & Global Gems Cruise: Cape Town to Dubai
Departing 5 April 2023, 21-day voyage
Post-cruise Dubai, UAE
What the brochure says: See the United Arab Emirates through landmarks that best express its richly layered history and audacious vision for the future. The Emirates’ cultural heritage is engagingly displayed within the waterfront Museum of Islamic Civilisation in Sharjah, while the capital of Abu Dhabi showcases more modern attractions, including its Grand Mosque, which can hold 40,000 worshippers. The Louvre Abu Dhabi reflects the country’s deep devotion to the arts.  

Emirates: Past, Present & Future
Insignia Far East Legends Cruise: Dubai to Singapore
Departing 26 April 2023, 22-day voyage
Pre-cruise Dubai, UAE
What the brochure says: Gain a remarkably comprehensive understanding of the United Arab Emirates by visiting three cities, each wonderfully distinct. In the capital of Abu Dhabi, the Grand Mosque salutes cultural diversity through its unexpected blend of architectural styles. Dubai celebrates the bold and unusual in landmarks such as the arresting Swiss Cheese Building and spire-shaped Burj Khalifa, once the world’s tallest building. The heritage of the emirates is proudly displayed in Sharjah’s esteemed Museum of Islamic Civilisation and Souk Al Arsa, the country’s oldest such marketplace.

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