Aman Resorts launches luxury skincare range

Aman Resorts launches luxury skincare range

Aman Essentials is designed to increase brand loyalty as well as collagen production

Luxury hospitality company Aman has launched Essential Skin, a new skincare range comprising five products developed and produced in Japan. 

The products are designed to be part of a daily skincare routine, "supporting the natural skin barrier, encouraging deep hydration, and protecting from daily environmental stressors". 

The Aman Essential Skin range comprises a Clarifying Milk Cleanser (US$95), Skin Activating Toner (US$95), Replenishing Face Serum (US$210), Radiance Face Cream (US$210) and Illuminating Eye Cream (US$270). 

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Becoming a valued part of a guest's daily routine after they've left a property isn't just a way to increase revenue streams; merchandise can be a powerful reminder of a hotel, keeping the property front of mind for the guest and inspiring brand loyalty. 

With this aim, the Aman Essential Skin has been developed to the highest standard to compete with premium skincare ranges available from luxury brands. All of the products feature two key ingredients: ancient purple rice bran extract and indigo extract. 

Ancient purple rice bran is known for its antioxidant properties, as well as promoting fibroblast proliferation rate, which supports the production of collagen. The extract from the indigo plant also has proven anti-oxidant potential. In addition, Aman Essential Skin uses a unique blend of potent herbs that have long been valued in Japan for their effects. Other ingredients include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

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