News's travel predictions for 2023's travel predictions for 2023

Holidays remain at the top of the agenda, according to the travel platform

The latest research by travel platform has revealed that travellers will lean into experiential excursions next year amid global uncertainty. commissioned extensive research among more than 24,000 travellers across 32 countries and territories, combining it with its insights as a leading digital travel platform, to predict emerging travel trends.

According to’s 2023 Travel Predictions report, travellers are finding themselves in a multi-directional tug-of-war, working to reconcile what is important to them with the demands of everyday life. Taking holidays remains top of their agendas, with 68% of travellers feeling more optimistic about their travel plans in 2023 than in 2022.

Here are the sort of holidays, the majority of respondents are looking for.

Culture Shock Holidays 
In 2023, leisure travellers, while budget-conscious, will seek escapism through the pursuit of culture shock experiences. The research found that 58% of travellers are looking to experience ‘out of comfort zone’ travel and 40% want to experience radical culture shock in 2023, be it a completely different cultural experience and language (47%) or exploring lesser-known cities and their hidden gems (24%). With this in mind, industry operators should lean into immersive cultural offerings, from local traditions and cuisine to immersive adventures.

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Out-of-city Breaks
Out-of-city breaks are also likely to take off, as urban dwellers seek the simplicity that eludes them in busy city life. From rustic retreats to far-flung hideaways, properties that can satisfy a desire for escapism should focus on this when they market themselves, with 33% of travellers wanting a back-to-basics feel experience with only the bare necessities. In addition, 57% also said they were looking for ‘off-the-grid’ style holidays to escape from reality.

Budget Holidays
With the cost of living and travel rising, 60% of travellers plan to budget more tightly and take advantage of deals, hacks and smartly timed travel. More than half (56%) will also take advantage of discounts and loyalty schemes. Holiday planning is therefore likely to take longer than in previous years. There is also likely to be a rise in off-peak bookings, as 49% will look outside the usual windows for good deals.


Speaking about the findings, senior vice president and chief marketing officer Arjan Dijk said: “While they may be navigating chaos and embracing contradiction, it’s undoubtedly reassuring for the industry to learn that travel is very much back on the agenda in what’s possibly a more exciting and creative way than ever before.

“Despite the global uncertainties, the industry will be strengthened by travellers in search of an escape that takes them out of their own reality. This is the ideal backdrop for a boom in experiential travel. With micro and niche trends, hobbies and personal passions leading the way, we are likely to see tailored experiences taken to the next level, paving the way for operators to explore new territory and the ways their local surroundings can enhance unique adventures for tomorrow’s traveller.”

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