Study reveals the online travel agent with the best rates

Study reveals the online travel agent with the best rates

The results were based on hotel costs in 10 global tourist hotspots

Travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip has revealed the results of its latest study comparing the rates quoted by the most popular OTAs – online travel agents – for hotel stays.

InsureMyTrip examined relevant data to determine which platform offers travellers the most cost-effective choices. Each destination was assessed on the daily rates listed on, Expedia, and directly through each hotel’s website.

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The study found that overall, offers the most cost-effective accommodation options. It was cheaper than other websites in 289 instances. 

Expedia and direct bookings are cheaper in 283 and 159 instances respectively and is the least cost-effective option, offering a better deal than other websites on only 54 occasions.


InsureMyTrip director of Marketing Sarah Webber commented: “Planning a vacation can be stressful, especially with the rising cost of travel. Our hope is this hotel data will save travellers not only money, but time, when booking their next trip. Knowing they’re not overpaying for a stay is key in this tough economic time.”

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