La Liste to launch world’s best hotels ranking

La Liste to launch world’s best hotels ranking

The winners will be revealed this month 

Industry awards body La Liste has announced that its World’s Best Hotels ranking will be revealed in June 2023.

La Liste has been publishing its World’s Best Restaurants ranking since 2015 employing a meta-classification method, a technique widely used in the entertainment industry by sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

La Liste's hotel ranking has been collated using aggregated reviews and results from more than 300 travel guides, media publications, customer review sites and other rankings, both national and international.

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From this research, 5,000 exceptional hotels have been identified, each of which is now featured in the La Liste app. Using its own algorithm, La Liste will rank the top 1,000 World’s Best Hotels.

La Liste president and founder Philippe Faure said: "La Liste is much more than a ranking system. It's the go-to source for the discerning traveller in search of excellence. Following the success of the World’s Best Restaurants and World’s Best Pastry Shops, our selection of the World’s Best Hotels completes La Liste’s contribution to luxury tourism."

"Everyone who downloads the La Liste mobile app will be able to discover the Top 1,000 World’s Best Hotels, as well as 5,000 hotels spread across 200 countries.”


La Liste "Special Awards Hotels" will also be announced in June on the brand's website. They include:

  • New Arrivals Award
  • Innovation Award
  • New Hotel Player Award
  • Ethical & Sustainable Award
  • Style & Design Award
  • Heart & Soul Award
  • Hidden Gems Award

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