Lemongrass releases annual Travel Trend Report 2024

Lemongrass releases annual Travel Trend Report 2024

The travel content agency says slow travel, AI and TikTok will shape travel in 2024

Lemongrass, a content agency for travel brands, has identified consumer trends that show how travel can be a force for good and bring untold benefits to both travellers, host communities and the planet.

The report’s main trends include slow travel, TikTok-influenced travel and artificial intelligence-powered experiences.

Slow Travel
A profound shift is underway with a move towards travel that invites us to step off the beaten path. Meaningful slow travel invites travellers to embark on journeys with intent and meaning, seeking immersive experiences that are enriching. Slow travel is about forging connections with locals, fostering personal growth, and leaving a positive impact on the world. Google searches for the term ‘slow travel’ have increased by 68% from 2018 to 2023, confirming increased interest and awareness in the concept.

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TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform for travel promotion. It has become a search engine for a new generation and a catalyst for travel inspiration. A staggering 60% of US TikTok users have developed an interest in visiting a new destination after encountering it on TikTok. And it's not just Gen Z that is under the spell of TikTok's travel magic. Millennials, aged 25 to 44, are even more influenced by the captivating content they consume on the platform. Research found that 45% of US TikTok millennials have embarked on journeys to new destinations inspired by TikTok.


Tech and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The ubiquity of smartphones, transcending generational boundaries, has redefined how travellers interact with travel services and information. Mobile booking is poised to emerge as the primary mode of trip planning, heralding a new era of convenience. Forecasts indicate that it will soon become the most popular booking method within the next two years across all age groups. In particular, AI is proving to be a transformative force for travel, with machine learning heralding a significant shift. AI platforms, often employing models like ChatGPT, contribute substantially to the planning and purchasing phase. ChatGPT is able to generate suggestions based on user requests pulling data in real-time from across the web.

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