Oman eases Covid-19 restrictions for citizens

Oman eases Covid-19 restrictions for citizens

Those residing in the sultanate will now be permitted to move across land borders between Oman and other GCC states 

Oman’s Supreme Committee tasked with managing the Covid-19 pandemic confirmed that it would lift several of the Covid-19-related restrictions that were in place across the sultanate.

Under the revised regulations, mosques with a capacity of fewer than 100 people will be allowed to reopen for five daily prayers. In addition, the curfew that was in effect from 8pm to 4am on commercial activities in the sultanate has been lifted. Children below 12 years of age are also now permitted to enter commercial outlets, restaurants and cafeterias–  however, numbers are restricted to 50% capacity.

Hotel guests are now able to access swimming pools and fitness facilities. Those wanting to partake in sport can do so in open spaces and sports halls with attendance restricted to 50% of the facility’s capacity. Visits to beaches and parks are now permitted, but group gatherings are still banned.

The Committee also granted permission to open exhibition and wedding halls, provided attendance at these events does not exceed 30% of the venue’s capacity, with a maximum of 300 people permitted in the case of large halls. 

The committee said that it would continue to monitor the situation and review its decisions in accordance with epidemiological developments. It warned that it would take appropriate action when it deemed necessary, including the reclosure of activities or imposing a ban on movement.

Oman’s land borders will be reopened, and Omanis and GCC citizens who are residing in the sultanate will be permitted to move across land borders between Oman and other GCC states to perform their daily tasks. They will be required to show proof of the assignments entrusted to them by their respective places of work.

The committee also decided to extend its entry ban indefinitely for travellers arriving from Sudan, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, the UK, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and the Philippines.

Starting from 2pm, Saturday 5 June, the entry ban will also be applicable to travellers from Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Entry is banned for anyone travelling directly from these countries, and even those who have visited within a period of 14 days prior to entering the sultanate. The committee advised Omani citizens not to visit these countries.

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