Oman launches new isolation booking platform

Oman launches new isolation booking platform

Oman has launched a new hotel booking platform for travellers needing to arrange isolation accommodation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Accommodation must be booked through Sahala, which is linked directly to the country’s ministry of health Covid-19 apps.

Certain people – such as diplomats, those aged 15 and under, aged 60 and over – are exempt from isolation. Patients with some health conditions are also not required to isolate.

The Omani Cultural Attaché in London issued a statement online. It reads: “Those coming to the Sultanate, as of 2pm on Monday, March 29, 2021, must reserve hotel accommodations and institutional isolation through the Sahala platform.

“Diplomats working in foreign diplomatic missions accredited to Oman, diplomats visiting the Sultanate and their families, those aged 15 years and below and those people aged 60 years and above are exempted from isolation.

“Patients are also exempted from the competent health authorities due to their health conditions.”

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