News reports 40% YoY increase in 2024 Eid holiday enquiries reports 40% YoY increase in 2024 Eid holiday enquiries

UAE-based OTA attributes emerging travel trends to increased consumer interest in travel

Online travel agent has seen 40% growth in Eid enquiries in 2024 compared to 2023. 

Based on its data, the company has also identified the 2024 Eid and Ramadan travel trends showing a dynamic shift in travel preferences and behaviours among UAE residents this year. 

From extended family getaways to emerging destinations, the travel landscape is evolving in line with travellers' aspirations. Growing trends include:

  • Extended vacations says: "Many travellers are now choosing longer seven- to 10-day holiday packages, strategically aligning their trips with school spring breaks."
  • Family travel says: "A significant majority, accounting for 60%, prefer to travel with family during the Eid break. Solo travel constitutes a modest 6%, while approximately 10% to 12% opt for trips with friends."
  • Emerging destinations says: "In addition to traditional destinations, travellers are showing interest in exploring new and exotic locales such as Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Malaysia and Indonesia."
  • Popular Eid destinations says: "CIS countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan continue to be sought-after destinations for Eid Al Fitr packages, offering hassle-free visa processes, affordability, and immersive cultural experiences. Uzbekistan is also gaining popularity for its accessibility and affordability."
  • Striking a balance between affordability and luxury says: "While affordability remains a crucial factor for leisure travellers, there's a growing interest in premium experiences, showcasing a desire for enhanced comfort and luxury during vacations. Travellers are increasingly opting for premium economy flight tickets and boutique five-star properties to elevate their travel experiences."
  • Women's group and solo travel says: "Women's group travel is experiencing a notable uptick, with expectations of a 15% growth in the coming year, while solo female travel continues to be prevalent."

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  • Early bookings says: "Advanced booking for summer holiday packages has commenced, with travellers showing keen interest in short-haul destinations. The demand for summer holiday packages underscores the desire for earlier planning and securing preferred travel arrangements."
  • Increased travel frequency says: "The frequency of travel has witnessed a significant uptick, with travellers opting for multiple trips annually. Whether it's family vacations, romantic getaways or adventures with friends, travellers are increasingly embracing the opportunity to explore diverse destinations and create lasting memories."
  • Business travel growth says: "Business travel is experiencing significant growth this year, witnessing a remarkable 25% increase compared to 2023, indicating robust economic activity and corporate engagement. The top destinations for business travel include Saudi Arabia, the UK, USA, Germany and China, highlighting the enduring appeal of these dynamic markets for corporate travellers."
  • Eco-friendly business travel says: "Businesses are prioritising sustainability in travel arrangements, reflecting a growing awareness of environmental concerns at a corporate level. While eco-friendly options are gaining traction in business travel, leisure travel is yet to catch up." COO Raheesh Babu (pictured) said: "We're witnessing UAE residents embracing diverse travel preferences, from extended family getaways to solo adventures. At, we're committed to tailoring each journey to match these dynamic trends, ensuring every traveller finds their perfect escape, whether it's exploring new destinations or indulging in premium experiences."

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