Dubai Police issue guidelines for football fans during FIFA World Cup

ATM 2021 will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, spread across nine halls

Thousands of travellers are expected to attend fan zones established across Dubai

Local authorities in Dubai have issued guidelines for football fans planning to watch the matches in the emirate. Multiple fan zones have been established across the city, including one of only six official FIFA Fan Festivals in the world, the Budx FIFA Fan Festival at Dubai Harbour, which will accommodate up to 10,000 fans a day, and McGettigan’s Fan Zone in Dubai Media City, with a capacity for 5,000 guests.

With the huge influx of visitors, Dubai Police officials are urging fans to respect local customs and laws ­– and to enjoy themselves.

Addressing fans on Twitter, Dubai Police posted a notice which read: “Dubai welcomes you during the World Cup. Enjoy our city of tolerance and openness and take part in our thriving international community.”


The authorities listed guidelines to help ensure an enjoyable visit to Dubai, including practical advice, such as saving taxi receipts as a record of which cab was taken in the event of lost items.

The guidelines include:

  • Respect the privacy of others while taking photographs
  • Preserve public property
  • Do not leave luggage in public areas
  • For the sake of your safety, smoke flares are not allowed
  • Show good sportsmanship and stay away from sports fanaticism
  • It is prohibited to drink alcohol in public areas
  • Do not celebrate in places that aren’t designated for this purpose in order not to disturb others
  • If you wish to organise recreational activities, please refer to the competent authorities for necessary permits and approvals
  • It is prohibited to use or circulate narcotics
  • Remember that you are in a nation of tolerance. As such, you must respect the State's culture where contempt of religions and all kinds of discrimination and political disputes are prohibited
  • Avoid unlicensed massage parlours and suspicious advertisements
  • Avoid showing affection in public areas
  • It is recommended to save your taxi number or keep the payment receipt to make it easier to find any missing items

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