Revealed: Top 10 most expensive Mediterranean holiday destinations

Revealed: Top 10 most expensive Mediterranean holiday destinations

Monte Carlo topped the list, closely followed by Tel Aviv and Cannes

New research has highlighted what may be the top 10 most expensive cities in the Mediterranean. Compiled by Gambling ‘N Go, the list places Monte Carlo in the top spot, with Tel Aviv in Israel and Cannes in France following in second and third place respectively.

Gambling ‘N Go analysed the average costs of several factors in each major Mediterranean city, including the cost of flights to the destination, hotels for a one-week stay, and a meal in a mid-range restaurant for two people. 

A score out of 100 was given to each city based on the cost of each activity, with the lowest scores determining the most expensive cities.

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Monte Carlo in Monaco was pegged as the most expensive with a score of 26.4. Known for its glamour, the city boasts attractions such as Place du Casino, surrounded five-star hotels, which cost from US$2,805 on average for a seven-night stay.

The Top 10 most expensive Mediterranean holiday destinations according to data compiled by Gambling ‘N Go are:

  1. Monte Carlo, Monaco           
  2. Tel Aviv, Israel          
  3. Cannes, France         
  4. Nice, France  
  5. Barcelona, Spain       
  6. Valletta, Malta           
  7. Haifa, Israel   
  8. Venice, Italy  
  9. Marseilles, France    
  10. Marbella, Spain”

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