24,000 Emirates crew and ground staff trained on hidden disabilities

24,000 Emirates crew and ground staff trained on hidden disabilities

The online course educates staff on the challenges of conditions including autism

With concerted efforts to further enhance support services for travellers with hidden disabilities, including autism, Emirates has rolled out specialised training to more than 24,000 global cabin crew and ground staff.

Emirates employees around the world have now completed the ‘Introduction to Autism and Hidden Disabilities’ training. 

The online course includes practical tips on how to assist passengers with hidden disabilities, responding with empathy, and information on the official support systems to help passengers in the airport.

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Categorised as a hidden disability, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological and developmental disorder that affects how people interact with others, communicate, learn and behave. 

Known as a spectrum disorder because there are wide variations in the types and severity of symptoms, a range of sensory needs can occur. For some travellers, the airport and aircraft experience may feel too noisy, too bright, too unfamiliar or too busy – and these are some of the areas in which Emirates is striving to facilitate planned and positive travel experiences for customers with autism.

Emirates also collaborated with Dubai Airport on a useful travel planner and autism-friendly route to make the pre-boarding experience more seamless, and implemented additional measures to ensure passenger comfort onboard.

Passengers can check the Accessible Travel page on the Emirates website.

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