Abu Dhabi’s Pura Eco-Retreats reopen for the season

Abu Dhabi’s Pura Eco-Retreats reopen for the season

Pura Eco-Retreat – Jubail Island and Pura Eco-Retreat Jebel Hafit Desert Park are now welcoming guests

Pura has reopened its eco retreats on Abu Dhabi's Jubail Island and Al Ain's Jebel Hafit Desert Park (JHDP). 

Pura takes its cues from the exuberant Costa Rican way of life, capturing the essence of nature's rhythms to help people become more present in the here and now. As a hospitality company, its philosophy is to create spaces designed to bring people together and help them connect with nature.

The adults-only Pura Eco-Retreat – Jubail Island, comes back for its third season and is focused on wellness experiences and experimental gastronomy.

Guests can stay in chic domes on Jubail Island from AED1,500 (US$410) inclusive of breakfast and one activity. Options include sound healing, yoga, mangrove kayaking, horse riding and cycling.

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Pura Eco-Retreat – Jebel Hafit Desert Park, which is open to children, also offers a diverse selection of glamping spaces at this UNESCO World Heritage site. Accommodation include Skylight Domes, Sky Bubbles, Traditional Heritage Tents or at the public campsite.

Skylight Dome

The resort also has an exclusive opening offer for two at Jebel Hafit in the Heritage Tents from AED650 (US$180) inclusive of breakfast and an activity. Activities include hiking, camel riding, guided buggy tours and electric skateboarding.

At 4,000 feet above sea level, JHDP is nestled at the foot of Jebel Hafit Mountain, an ideal for those who seek adventure or history, as the area is famous for its winding road with hairpins turns that make it a magnet for motorists and bikers, and its 5,000-year-old beehive tombs.

Dome tent interior


Pura's founders say: “Pura Eco Retreats are a combination of tailored hospitality, quiet living and tranquillity. We encourage guests to build a collection of precious moments based on the simplest things in life and nature; these are the cornerstones of the Pura lifestyle."

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