New report suggests hotel guest satisfaction has declined

New report suggests hotel guest satisfaction has declined

The report analyses 6.1 million guest reviews across five global regions

Shiji, a hospitality technology company, has released its Global Hotel Review Benchmark Report for 2022. 

A total of 6.1 million guest reviews across five global regions were analysed to create a glimpse into the state of hotel guest satisfaction in 2022.

The report highlights that throughout 2022 guest satisfaction has been in continuous decline. This poses both an opportunity for hoteliers that choose to address this issue and a threat to those who do not take action. 

According to speculation based on the report, the decline in satisfaction could be due to increased average daily rate (ADR) and high occupancy rates, as well as the impact of staff shortages in 2022.  


Shiji Guest Solutions CEO Michael Kessler said: “We are making this data available at no cost to hoteliers worldwide who want to gain insights and compare their guest review and guest experience metrics. We believe that guest experience is the foundation of hospitality, and this report emphasises that it is an area where hoteliers must strive for improvement, regardless of their star rating or geographic location.

“This report not only sheds light on the challenge but also provides hoteliers with valuable takeaways for success. By leveraging data-driven insights to guide their operations, we are confident that hoteliers will see a positive trend in their guest experience metrics in the future.”

The 2022 data is compared against 2021 and 2019 in order to understand global hotel review recovery patterns. Hoteliers are able to set benchmarks on a global and regional level against metrics such as the Global Review Index (a guest experience benchmark), review volume, review distribution, department indexes, management response rates and semantic analysis.

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The report’s main takeaways are:

  • Guest satisfaction, measured by the Global Review Index (GRI), continues to decline. In 2022, the GRI for the global data set was 84.3%, 1.7 points lower than in 2019 and 0.5 points lower than in 2021.

  • Review volume recovered in 2022 over 2021 but is still lagging compared to 2019 levels. Global review volume grew by 20.3% from 2021 to 2022 but was 29.3% below 2019.

  • was the dominant source of reviews yet it represented the most negative sentiment. accounted for 41.8% of global review volume in 2022, an increase of 12.9 points over 2019, but generated a higher proportion of negative mentions.

  • Most negative sentiment is about value and rooms. Both categories had more than a full point loss over the year, possibly coming from high occupancy rates (leading to fewer upgrades) and increased ADR.

  • Experience, staff and service continued to drive positive guest mentions. The experience category had the highest positive impact on the Global Review Index.

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